Our Story

Rsquared(AbayaCompany) was founded by young entrepreneurs Whalid Fawzy and Rana Rashid.

The story started when the talented Rana Rashid used to design her own hijabi cloth. People around her used to ask her about them. As a hobby and by demand from her friends, she began to sell from home. Her husband, Whalid Fawzy, noticed her passion and how women admired her designs, at that point they decided to open their first store in Cairo.

Since launching in 2009, Rsquared (AbayaCompany) has established itself as one of the leading modest fashion brands in Egypt. At Rsquared, we constantly use high quality fabrics and unique design allowing our customers to wear in confidence and comfort.

Our vision is to provide the women who play multiple roles in today's world and who still chose to wear modest Islamic fashion, with a wide range of elegant designs without finding a need for compromising their choices.

At Rsquared, an entire wardrobe can be created that goes from daily life to dressy evening and occasion designs. Our challenge is to balance style with modesty.