Eid Graceful Threads Summer Collection

Celebrate Eid with Elegance πŸŒŸπŸŒ™ Embrace the joyous occasion with our Modest Collection, designed for grace and comfort. Crafted with care to reflect the spirit of the season, our outfits offer the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary style. Make this Eid unforgettable with a look that's as special as the celebration itself!"

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Wrap Pants

Refresh your wardrobe with a splash of tranquility 🌱✨. Our wrapped pants eye-catching green or simple beige is a breath of fresh air, designed for those who stand out in their elegance. Perfectly tailored for comfort and style, they're your new go-to for making a statement without saying a word.

Make Every Entrance Memorable

Summertime serenity in every thread πŸƒ. Our breezy modest set, designed in crushed light fabric with delicate light beige patterns, is a testament to tranquil style. Step into a silhouette that's as comfortable as it is graceful, and let your summer days unfold with ease and sophistication

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  • Wrapped Set

  • Wrapped Set in Lime

  • Wrapped Set in Baby Blue

Breeze Whisper Dress

Drift through summer days with grace in our new layered modest dress 🌿. Light, soft patterns dance on an off-white base, while subtle shades of beige and green evoke a serene garden escape. Accentuate your silhouette with the included belt and embrace the beauty of modesty in full bloom.

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Skirt Extension SET

Transform your wardrobe with grace and style πŸ’« Our Skirt Extension Modest Set is a perennial bestseller for a reason – it seamlessly blends elegance with modesty, offering a beautifully crafted extension that adds coverage and sophistication to any outfit. Perfect for layering, this timeless set ensures you don't have to compromise on style to stay true to your modest dressing values. Make it your go-to for an added touch of elegance, season after season. 🌷✨

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harem Set

Be the ultimate fashionista with this versatile, asymmetrical set. With one side skirt and one side pant, it can be worn in many ways for different occasions. The crushed linen material makes this set very comfortable for the most fashionable woman.

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