Beige Zipper Linen Set
Beige Zipper Linen Set

Beige Zipper Linen Set

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Linen allows your body to feel lighter, instantly giving you a relaxed and comfortable feeling.


Rsquared signature Linen Sets would be something that you definitely have to pack in your summer holiday luggage!

The top is 100cm long enough to cover body and not so long that would disturb your movement. Pants featuring pockets is 105cm long can be adjusted to your length. Pieces of the Set can be worn together or matched with different colors and styles. So with this set you can end up having three different outfits!

Linen is essential fabric that looks and feels great in the summer.

Even if you happen to be on a business trip in the summer, linen clothes are generally considered appropriate for any sort of formal function. So whether you are at work, in a gathering or at the Sea, Rsquared Signature Linen sets will give you the fashion statement you are looking for.

To pamper you more, Rsquared widened the choices of colors to seven colors to pick up from.

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